Power steering fluid 50000BWHS

BorgWarner Fluid Gen II-V

This special fluid is developed for BorgWarner wet clutch applications and is suitable for use in wet clutches with sinter and organic plates. The oil provides excellent friction characteristics and prevents stick-slip. The extremely good shear stability properties ensures optimum lubrication during the life time of the clutch. This fluid is recommend for BorgWarner Haldex clutches Generation II-V used in Land Rover, Volvo and Volkswagen/Audi group.

According to the specifications of

  • GM 93165387
  • Ford FU7J8708687AA
  • LSC Fluid SL01-301 / Fluid SL12-301
  • Land Rover EJ3219A509AA
  • VW G 055 175 / 060 175 A2
  • Volvo 31367940 (1161641)

Packaging units

1 L
per unit 6
per pallet 450
EAN code 8714293012573
Art.nr. 50999BWHS
Volume 1,000 L
per unit 1
per pallet -
EAN code 8714293002079
Art.nr. Volume per unit per pallet EAN code
50001BWHS 1 L 6 450 8714293012573
50999BWHS 1,000 L 1 - 8714293002079