Hydraulic oil 51000D

Fork Oil Heavy 20W Premium Synthetic

MPM Motorcycle Fork Oil Heavy 20W Premium Synthetic is specially developed for use in telescopic front forks for mopeds and road/off road motorcycles. The high deaeration properties of this fork oil means that there is minimum reduced foaming in the fork legs bodies. This gives optimal performance and stability so it will maintain optimal performance under extreme road/off-road conditions. MPM 20W Fork Oil provides excellent protection against wear and corrosion of suspension elements and seals, resulting in a higher performance level.

Note: Also suitable for telescopic forks of mountain bikes and bicycles where a SAE 20W oil is required.

According to the specifications of

  • SAE 20W

Packaging units

1 L
per unit 6
per pallet 450
EAN code 8714293011699
20 L
per unit 1
per pallet 30
EAN code 8714293129172
Art.nr. 51060D
Volume 60 L
per unit 1
per pallet 12
EAN code 8714293129653
Art.nr. 51205D
Volume 205 L
per unit 1
per pallet 2
EAN code 8714293130130
Art.nr. 51999D
Volume 1,000 L
per unit 1
per pallet -
EAN code 8714293131946
Art.nr. Volume per unit per pallet EAN code
51001D 1 L 6 450 8714293011699
51020D 20 L 1 30 8714293129172
51060D 60 L 1 12 8714293129653
51205D 205 L 1 2 8714293130130
51999D 1,000 L 1 - 8714293131946