Kick Big longer at Telstar

Telstar and Kick Groot have agreed to break open and extend the contract for two seasons. The 21-year-old defender will continue to be part of trainer Mike Snoei's selection in the coming seasons.

"Kick is a great talent. We were able to bring him to Telstar last season. Kick has had a season in which he had to fight hard in the shadow of a number of fixed forces, but he was able to convince the technical staff that he is an added value for the team. I'm glad we were able to extend his contract and that Kick is able to develop with us." Technical director Piet Buter explains.

Kick Groot has been a member of the White Lions since the start of the 2018/2019 season. The tall defender came over from AZ, where he completed his youth training. Groot came to 6 games in his first season with Telstar.

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