Big disappointment for MPM-driver David Vegter at Tierp Arena

Tierp (Sweden), August 26, 2014 – Big disappointment for MPM-driver David Vegter at the Turtle Wax Internationals at Tierp Arena. After the runner-up finish at Hockenheim, the Dutch Pro Mod racer was looking forward to the Swedish round of the FIA European Championship. A solid 6.08 sec in qualifying was a top ten position for Vegter, but the deception came immediately after the run. The ’67 Camaro was two kilos too light and not according the rules, so the 6.08 was cancelled. With his second best run Vegter was only 17th qualifier and not qualified for eliminations. “At Santa Pod and Hockenheim we had fifteen kilos overweight and we didn’t change anything at all. Unbelievable”, said a very disappointed Vegter.

Two weeks after MPM-driver David Vegter’s great runner-up finish at Hockenheim’s NitrOlympX, the teams had their fourth stop in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. This time it was Tierp Arena, the most state-of-the-art drag racing facility in Europa and always good for new personal and European bests. With more than twenty, mostly very fast Scandinavian entrants, the Swedish round of the championship had by far the most competitive field of the season. Compared to Hockenheim, at the perfect Tierp Arena concrete strip a car needs a totally different set-up. But after some changes, like so many other teams, the ’67 Camaro was hit by bad tyre shake in the first of four qualifying sessions. After some adjustments to the set-up, the second run was already much better and despite light tyre shake, to the delight of the Vegter Pro Mod Racing crew, the E.T. was a great 6.08 sec. With this time Vegter was in the top ten and only 0.08 sec short of the number one position. But back in the pits, big disappointment, as the ’67 Camaro was two kilos too light, so not according the rulebook and the 6.08 was cancelled. With the time from the first run, Vegter was in twentieth position after day one of qualifying. “A mystery and I can’t believe this. At Santa Pod and Hockenheim we had fifteen kilos overweight. We didn’t change anything at all and now the car is seventeen kilos lighter”, said a very surprised and disappointed Vegter. But with two qualifying session on Saturday, the MPM-driver had two more chances to qualify in the top sixteen. The first Saturday run again tyre shake with a 6.53 sec as a result. Vegter was now number seventeen qualifier, still not enough to take part in eliminations. And even more bad luck as rain washed away the fourth and last qualifying session. So no last chance for the MPM-driver and Vegter stayed in seventeenth position, just outside the elimination ladder and first alternate. Even more frustrating was the fact the 6.08 sec would have been the tenth qualifying position, 0.1 sec short of the ‘pole position’. As the first alternate the Vegter Pro Mod Racing Camaro was waiting patiently Sunday morning when the first round of eliminations started. If one of the top sixteen would have a problem, Vegter could take over his place in the ladder. But nothing happened and without having to fire up the engine, the MPM-driver could go back to the pits. In the FIA European championship Vegter dropped two spots and is eight now. There is not much time to think about the Sweden race for Vegter Pro Mod Racing. September 5- 7 Santa Pod Raceway will host the fifth and last round of the FIA European championship. The MPM-driver wants rehabilitation and with a good race result, ends the season on a high.
Remco Scheelings
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