NEW! MPM 08000AT Motor Oil 0W-16 Premium Synthetic Advanced Technology

MPM is introducing a familiar new line of motor oil for hybrid cars. The first product in this Hybrid 08000 range is the MPM 08000AT Motor Oil 0W16 Premium Synthetic Advanced Technology.

The technology found in hybrid cars is of a very high quality, so that both the electric and the combustion engine synchronize perfectly with the vehicle’s drive mechanism. Combustion engines in hybrid vehicles therefore place very specific and heavy demands on the motor oil used. Using the right motor oil is extremely critical in order to ensure the proper functioning of the motor over the course of its life.

Combustion engines must be increasingly efficient to satisfy requirements for CO2 emissions. As a result, the motor oil used must have a consistent, lower viscosity. The standard used by many car manufacturers is a 0W-20-viscosity motor oil. However, there is ongoing development in this area. Various Asian car makers are already prescribing a 0W-16 viscosity motor oil with an API SN Plus / SN PLUS-RC specification for several of their models.


  • API SN Plus/ SN Plus-RC

The fully synthetic MPM 08000AT motor oil with an SAE viscosity of 0W-16 has the following features:

  • Offers the highest possible fuel savings (and therefor very limited emissions)
  • Helps prevent Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI)
  • Shows very good fluidity upon ignition and at low temperatures
  • Is fully compatible with after-treatment systems

MPM 08000AT satisfies the API SN PLUS and SN PLUS-RC requirements. This oil is prescribed for several of the most recent hybrid models that feature gas engines, such as those from Honda and Toyota.

When a motor oil of viscosity 0W-16 and API SN PLUS or SN PLUS-RC is specified, you can safely use MPM 08000AT.

NOTE: This product may only be used when a 0W-16 viscosity oil with the stated specification is prescribed. The use of this product in engines for which a higher viscosity oil is prescribed will lead to irreversible engine damage.

Packaging units: Volume per unit per pallet EAN code
08001AT 1 L 6 450 8714293017776
08005AT 5 L 4 112 8714293017912
08020AT 20 L 1 30 8714293017981
08060AT 60 L 1 12 8714293018056
08205AT 205 L 1 2 8714293018124
08999AT 1.000 L 1 - 8714293018193
P08000AT Bulk 1 - 8714293018261

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