Prevent leaking 20 litre tap

MPM has been offering a 20-litre can size option for years. This packing unit is highly appreciated by the independent workshop mechanic. For less-commonly-used specialty oils and liquids, the 20-liter package offers auto workshops effective stock management through using this relatively small container. This prevents a build-up of unused stock for the workshop, usually associated with 205-liter or 60-liter barrels. Essential is ease of use of the 20-liter can, therefore the tap should not leak.

MPM recommendations to prevent the 20-liter can tap from leaking:

  1. The tap is subject to wear and, when used frequently, should be replaced every six months.
  2. Avoid turning the tap beyond its ‘stop’ position through applying too much force. This will damage the tap, resulting in it being unable to close properly. If this occurs, the tap must be replaced.
  3. The tap must be sufficiently tightened. However, use caution; never exert a lot of force as this will over-tighten the tap. Use the key available with article number E9007.
  4. Make sure that the tap’s sealing ring is present and that it seals sufficiently. When changing the tap to a new can, always replace the sealing ring as well (available with article number E9004-1, packaging of 10 pieces).
  5. Replace old taps (E9001) with the improved tap (E9004) if leakage occurs.
  6. Taps typically drip a little immediately after use, in particular, when the can is used for ‘thicker’ liquids, such as engine oil. This is inevitable.

Sealing rings for tap E9004

Tap key

(Old) Tap for 20ltr

(New) Tap for 20ltr

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